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Motivational Speaker
the feeling of a new day erases the erge, to swallow up[your screams]
while your gasping for air, so close your eyes and pray for love tonight
a quick gun shot makes me wonder why, i set myself up just to die
the same way that i lived.
ask yourself "how can i go on like this, without giving up"

take what you want...i'll be waiting
 ....what else am i for...

all that i knew , was destroyed by your eyes that night
all that i felt, death to the sound

 [- i am a motivational speaker....that lives in a van down by the river -]
so why wait for the words that will escape from my lungs
just in time to take my life
Shorelines and serenders
saving is for liers how hard did you try
to pretend that it's ok and your alright
stare out at the skyline, you look so blank tonight
my mind asks " was it something i have said "
my time is up like the shoreline, i'm washing away
you leave me to strangled by the clouds

No , I'm not scared . I'm not like you
I don't just give up and die
Your never there .. and you don't like to
Take control of your life

She will grow old over-weight
up in the bills she can't pay
that bitch is to busy sleeping
i'm late for you tonight , well i'm late for you everynight
the words they make it worse , i promise nothing more
don't wait for me , you know i would wait for you
don't cry for me , you know that i'd die for you
torn from your arms, by the sound of the phone
be quiet don't let him know, i woudln't want to
let him know....
anything you say dosn't have a purpose
and i'll avoid what comes out of your eyes
well getting over you that surves a purpose
while knowing that your not mine
waiting for the news i'm either dead or sleeping
i can't sleep if i think about you
maybe i should just do you a favour
and stop doing favours for you

don't wait for me.. "I will never wait for you"
go cry for me and if you can ... "Die to"
The Waiting Room
Waiting for you
was the best thing
that i could do do
being there with you
crop the insides
of a picture frame
i've never felt this way
i'll never act the same
you could have told me why
you could have warned me first
these scisors are my friend
these pictures are my curse
crop the inside [your eyes see through the frame]
                      [I won't be seelping tonight]

floating in the water of a red room
nevermind the time we spent toether
it meant nothing
but a broken picture frame

crop the inside [kill the moment, stay the same]
                      [like a picture...never change]

pictures say a thousand words, this picture writes a novel
[feel, it felt like]
[don't say my name]

I'm sorry but I won't be calling tonight
For I am broken on the floor and inside
I hope you can make it out
Before the flames.... they take...

Frame 5x
Paid Programming...
so many consolations
and i dont have the patients
and you give first prize away..
and now the games are over
and i am still too sober
to make this desision..
You win
and your prize is
emotional impatiants
but be proud
you win
and now our match is over
we're on the boredom border
will you come back for round two..
broadcasted television
my life has been a mission
to get where i am today
and stay tuned while i state my favorite, to be painted in [black and white..]

You win
And your prize is [ a mind that can't erase itself ]
Emotional impatiants
But be proud..cause you win [ all you need to know ]
Be proud you win....

[I hope that you make it out , I know that you will make it out.]
I watched the TV and sat close to the edge of my seat.. untill the end...